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Quintessential Consultancy (QC) is Asia’s premier education consultancy. We offer holistic programmes ranging from guardianship, homestay, school placement, tuition, to university admissions.

Our trusted guardianship offers start-to-end coverage for visa matters, homestay, school placement, and entrance exam preparation. Our flagship university admissions programmes offer professional start-to-end coverage for Early Years Portfolio Building, Personal Statement, Entrance Tests, and Academic Interview training.

With the expertise of over 100 specialist tutors and 50 Oxbridge / Ivy League graduates, QE consistently defines industry standards and guides students to leading colleges and universities worldwide. With an impressive track record of over 500 students successfully accepted into their dream schools, QC is established as one of the leaders in the industry with our proprietary curriculum and systematic pedagogy.

“Success is a standard that lowers itself to no one. You raise yourself to its level.”
– Quintessential


From guardianship, tuition, school placement, to portfolio building, personal essays mentoring and entrance test prep, QC provides an industry-winning framework for your academic needs. More than a bespoke source of consulting services, QC encompasses a committed and regarded brand of life education designed to promote lifelong success and character development.

Guardianship & Homestay

  • Visa Matters
  • Homestay
  • Accommodation
  • English Reading and Writing Programmes
  • Academic Counselling
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International School Placement

  • School Placement
  • International School & AEIS Entrance Exam Prep
  • Admission Interview Traing
  • English Reading and Writing Programmes
  • Academic Counselling
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  • AP, IB, IGCSE Tuition
  • Crash Courses
  • Workshops
  • Coursework Support
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University Admissions

  • Early Years Portfolio Building
  • Personal Statement Mentoring
  • Entrance Test Preparation
  • Admission Interview Mentoring
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Quintessential was proudly featured in various national media like The Straits Times, Channel 5, SPH Radio, Kiss92FM, and more.


Preliminary Interview & Analysis of Student Profile

We interview each mentee to ascertain his/her interests and aptitude. A team of 5 mentors will analyse each mentee’s portfolio to review both academic and non-academic attributes.

Conceptualisation of Application Strategy

Mentors will actively review each mentee’s progress, set targets, and follow through to help him/her achieve both academic and non-academic goals.

Finalise College Selections

Mentors will analyse college admissions statistics and finalise the optimal college selection for each mentee.

Interview and Entrance Tests Preparation

With insider knowledge, mentors offer comprehensive guidance for various academic interviews and entrance tests (ISAT, SAT, LNAT, BMAT, TSA etc.)

Personal Statement Preparation

Experienced mentors will brainstorm, guide, develop, and perfect the personal statement(s) to gain every advantage possible.

Summary Session

Mentors will conduct final checks of all milestones and portfolio before submission.


Over the years, QC’s team of expert mentors has guided over 3600 students through their academic journey, earning the trust of parents and applicants alike. Read more about our courses here.

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With years of industry experience, QC has developed a unique approach to help students outperform in various stages of their academic journey

Premium Mentors

QC pairs each applicant with 5 mentors. Each team is headed by a Principal and Secondary Mentor, both of whom from the applicant’s target university. The team of mentors support and guide mentees in their preparation.

Winning Framework

QC’s industry defining framework for university application provides comprehensive coverage on the entire admission journey, down to details like college choice statistics, professors’ profiles, and question analyses.

Comprehensive Services

QC presents an integrated look at college application. Besides portfolio building and application preparation, QC also offers academic tutoring to support the scholastic journey of students between 12-18.

Success from Diversity

QC guides a diverse range of applicants each year, from valedictorians to the less academically inclined. Our rich experience allows us to deliver quality help to all students, regardless of starting point.


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