The secrets to a successful college application

“Success is a standard that lowers itself to no one. You raise yourself to its level” -Quintessential Consultancy


Fact 1:

You can ace your college applications. Early preparation for college admissions will give you an invaluable advantage in a globalized and increasingly competitive world. It is increasingly difficult to enter an Ivy League University (or an equivalent prestigious university in the UK/US) with acceptance rates falling to as low as 5%. The holistic preparation that you will get at QConsultancy will be a priceless investment that will give you returns beyond getting into your desired college.

Fact 2: 

All our consultants hail from the Yale, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Oxford, Cambridge, with precious experience in professions such as Finance, Medicine, Law and Engineering. In essence; been there, done that. Most importantly, they enjoy working with young people and sharing what they have learnt as mentors and friends.

Fact 3:

Most of all, at Quintessential Consultancy, we have the expertise and commitment to help our students. With great talent, comes great responsibility. Our ambition at QConsultancy is to mould the leaders of tomorrow; to make a positive impact on society.



Our personalised consulting services are run by expert consultants who have been through student life at top universities in the UK and US, and are currently working in prestigious jobs in finance/law/government to guide you on the application process for UK and US universities.

1)      First Phase

1.1     College/Course selection and Career guidance

  • How do I go about selecting my course?
  • How do I think about my future career and build towards that career?
  • Which university should I aim for based on my profile?
  • Should I pick UK or US universities, or universities non-conventional countries like China or Japan? What kind of experience can each offer me? What is the academic culture like? What can I expect from student life in these countries? How does that differ from the local experience?

1.2     Focus: UK applications (UCAS)

  • Application timeline – how should I monitor my progress for UK applications
  • Oxbridge or London or other universities such as Manchester/Warwick? What are the general characteristics of student life in the City or at Oxbridge?
  • How do I write an outstanding personal statement?
  • Personal statement small group coaching – breaking up into small groups for group discussion/consultant to work with

2)      Second Phase

2.1     Curriculum Vitae analysis

  • What are the characteristics of a model CV
  • Examples of good CVs

2.2     Focus: US applications

  • Application timeline – how should I monitor my progress for US applications, given that each college has a specific timeline and some are much earlier?
  • Should I go for Early Action/Early Decision?
  • Analyzing my profile – how do I find out which US college best fits my needs/goals?
  • How do I write outstanding application essays and statement of purpose?
  • How do I prepare myself for interviews? What are the pitfalls I should avoid at interview sessions? What do interviewers look out for in a candidate?
  • Mock interview session to show different possible interview scenarios and how to cope in each scenario