FAQ: Payment and Refunds

What are the prices?

Please refer to our brochure for more details. Full payment is required before the start of the program(s). Programs are customisable to the needs of the student.


Fees: $2,400

  • Identify key interests
  • Exposure to various Academic Tracks
  • Portfolio Project Brainstorming
Fees: $9,600

  • Application strategy
  • University Experience & Career Sharing by Mentors
  • Portfolio Building
  • Internship Attachment & Character Referee Writing
  • Review College Reading List
  • Training for Admission Essays
  • Training for Interview
Fees: $6,800

  • College Selection
  • Start-to-end Personal Statement Support
  • Personal Statement Brainstorming
  • Personal Statement Guidance
  • Personal Statement Revision
  • Pre-submission Check


Fees: $4,800
Number of sessions: 12

  • Country Specific Tests (SAT, ACT, TOEFL)
  • Course Specific Tests (LNAT, BMAT and more)
  • Academic Theory Review
  • Test Strategy
  • Timed Practice
  • Post Practice Review
Fees: $5,800
Number of sessions: 12

  • Academic Content Review
  • Interview Questions Analysis
  • Reading List Discussion
  • Body Language Analysis
  • Mock Interview
  • Topical Revision
  • Post Interview Analysis

Do you have a service agreement?

Yes, this depends on the extent and scope of various programmes – found in page 6 of the PDF brochure. Once the mentee and parent has decided on the number of packages and mentors and costs, we will share a finalised workflow timeline (ie: number of sessions, number and type of mentors), along with the service agreement of terms and conditions.

Can I cancel or change courses halfway? Will you refund my payment?

Withdrawals during the consult process will not be refunded. This is because the commitment of resources and mentors’ time have already been done.

For mentees who are undecided initially, we recommend having different course mentors during the Admissions Mentoring phase. For example, if the mentee is interested in medicine versus natural science, we will get a medicine mentor and a natural science mentor. After the headstart phase, the mentee will typically decide which course to apply for in the personal statement phase.

Do I pay for the programs upfront?

Yes, it is upfront payment as we do need to book the team of mentors in advance.

Why is the program expensive?

Our programs range from SGD $2,400 upwards. The pricing is because all of our experienced mentors are alumni of top universities with their own successful professional careers. They commit to this mentoring due to their passion for education. The feedback we obtain from parents is that our mentors prepare their children for success in life, beyond just grades.


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UK University Consulting Programme

  • Headstart Mentoring
  • Personal Statement Mentoring
  • Entrance Test Preparation
  • Admission Interview Mentoring

US University Consulting Programme

  • Headstart Mentoring
  • Common App Preparation
  • Entrance Test Preparation