FAQ: Programmes

Breeze through your university application with the help of Quintessential Consultancy. With hallmark mentoring courses to help you in all stages- from personal statement to interview- QC is your one-stop help for all your university admission needs.

What programmes do you offer?

Our 5 hallmark mentoring programmes aid mentees with early years guidance, portfolio preparation, application strategy, college selection, personal statement edits, entrance tests and interview topic preparations.


This programme helps to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and find his or her area of interest. It is an exploratory course to help young children find direction in their upcoming academic journey and explore what they may wish to pursue. The mentors conducting this programme come from various disciplines- Sciences, Math, Humanities, and give students broad perspectives by sharing insights on their academic journey and careers. The Mentee will get exposure to at least 4 Mentors from 4 academic tracks, all of whom are Oxbridge mentors or leaders in the respective fields.
We adopt a start-to-end framework, with 5 mentors attached to one mentee throughout the entire application. 2 of the mentors will be alumni of the desired course of study. This programme focuses on Portfolio Preparation, as well as Admission Essays/Personal statement writing and Interview skills. Sessions include Candidate Profiling, Orientation of Admission Processes, Career Research, University Experience sharing, Internship and Attachment Strategies, Reading List discussions as well as tasters for Admission Essays/Personal Statement Writing, Interview Training, Character Referee Writing Guidance. Students will typically then go on to enter our other hallmark programs.
We provide highly intensive coverage for Admission essays, Personal statements, Brainstorming, Preparations with Co-editing. This is for students who require comprehensive Personal Statement advisory. Mentors will brainstorm, review, and edit the personal essay for final submission.

*The Admission Essays Program can only orientate and equip the student with the skills necessary to write the Personal Statement. However, the exacting level required for some universities requires extensive help over 10-15 sessions with our mentors.


Besides, the interviews and personal statements, entrance tests are make or break as well. We provide academic theory review, test strategies, timed practices, and post practice reviews on weaknesses. This is for students who require preparation for various entrance tests. Examples include SAT, ACT, LNAT, TSA, UCAT, BMAT, and more.

We conduct the interview practice with the mentors giving individual theory and practice classes, as well as mock interview sessions using up to date admissions questions based on your eventual college choice. We will cover Academic Content Review, Interview Questions Analysis, Reading List, Body Language Analysis, and Post interview Analysis on weaknesses. This is for students who require academic interview training for Medicine, Law, Oxbridge, scholarships, and US alumni interviews. Mentors will provide insightful first-hand knowledge on admission interviews preparation.

Do the programmes run concurrently or consecutively?

The Early Years Guidance program is usually followed consecutively by the Admissions Mentoring Program and the Admission Essays program.

The Entrance Test Preparation program and Academic Interview Mentoring program also happens concurrently with the Admissions Essays Mentoring. The reason is because the university submission timelines for Admission Essays/Personal Statements, Entrance Tests, and Interviews are typically very close; within months of each other. Students and Parents are advised to sign up at least 3 months before.

Allow us to illustrate how the 4 Programs flow seamlessly in our dedicated mentoring programs with Meredith, our student who has taken all 4 programs.

Meredith starts Step 1. Early Years Guidance in Year 2, age 14 till Year 3, age 15. She covers the various possible Academic Tracks with our mentors and gain exposure to various career paths and what her possible key interests could be.

Meredith then starts Step 2. Admissions Mentoring in Year 5, age 17 till the middle of Year 6 (1.5 years). During this period, our mentors will have monthly check-ins and lessons with unlimited Whatsapp and email correspondence with the student on a 1 to 1 basis.

The primary objectives of Step 2 are to do candidate profiling, explore strengths, weaknesses, inclinations so as to decide the best course of choice. We will advise academic and non-academic activities. This includes a non-exhaustive list such as internships, volunteering work, research, competitions, leadership activities.

In the midst of Year 6, age 18, 6 months before preparing for final exams, Meredith will start Step 3. Admissions Essays Mentoring and Step 4. Entrance Tests Preparation concurrently for 6months.

The primary objectives of Step 3 are to brainstorm and edit multiple revisions of her personal statement so as to achieve an outstanding standard of essay ready for submission by mid-Oct (if Oxbridge) or early March (local Medicine) after her final exams.

Step 4 would be the preparation of specialised tests such as BMAT in early November and UCAT after her final exams. These are additional preparations beyond the IB exams.

After the submission of university applications, Meredith will continue with Step 5. Academic Interview Mentoring in mid-November onwards. Preparation has to be done before the release of interview shortlist results as the interview dates are usually within 2 weeks of release. The recommended preparation time is 2 months at least.

Are we able to mix and match programs?

Yes, QC is able to. If you would be interested, we can follow up with an explanatory call or meeting. Please email us at enquiries@qeducation.sg. Do help us to fill up our mentorship assessment form so that we may better understand and prepare you better!

Our packages range from SGD $2400 upwards. Packages are customizable and it depends on the needs of the mentees. Ad-hoc hourly fees are $300/h.

Are we able to mix and match countries?

Yes, QC is able to. If you would be interested, we can follow up with an explanatory call or meeting. Please email us at enquiries@qeducation.sg. Do help us to fill up our mentorship assessment form so that we may better understand and prepare you better!

We usually recommend a customised package according to the needs of our students. Countries that we assist students to complete multiple applications for include: USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan.

Are mentoring sessions face-to-face or online?

QC has both online and face-to-face options for our mentoring sessions. Due to COVID-19, most university interviews are via Zoom or other online media and we advise students to practice via video-conferencing for a realistic practice. We have many international clients who have done all our 45 flagship programs online via video-conferencing as well.


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Is there a pre-screening/pre-assessment stage?

We do have an Academic Counselling Session, which is an optional pre-screening stage. This is a paid 30-minutes session ($400) for students who are undecided and would like to meet a senior mentor to explore more about the career. Being an alumni, the mentor will share more about what is needed to enter the course, how the course is like and what the career experience and options will be.

Post-session, the parent will receive a detailed report outlining the mentor’s professional feedback, assessment of the mentee, assessment of chances at various prestigious universities and proposal of preparation steps to be done.

Admission mentoring-How long is the duration of each programme? What is the duration of the 15 sessions.

The Admission Mentoring 15 sessions are 1.5hours each and spaced out in the 1-3 years before university application. This is along with additional backend hours from the primary mentors, writing, portfolio and university research mentors. The student will also have unlimited time via Whatsapp and email to the mentors, such that they will get monthly inputs from the mentors. The end date of service will be till the final year of study once the sessions finish. Once the Headstart mentoring finishes, our students normally progress into the Admission Essays, Entrance tests and Interview programs.

The Admission Mentoring sessions consist of these objectives:

  • Candidate Profiling
  • Orientation of Admissions Process
  • Career Research
  • University Experience Sharing by Mentors
  • Admissions Statistics Analysis
  • Application Strategy
  • Portfolio Building
  • Internship and Attachment
  • Academic Theory Review
  • Reading List Discussion
  • Writing Training
  • Interview Training
  • Character Referee Writing Guidance
  • Testimonial Writing Guidance

How do you help with portfolio building? Do you help with community attachment? What exactly does your mentoring programme cover?

The Portfolio is crucial in ensuring candidates are holistic, skilled and desirable in the eye of the interviewers. The Mentors will identify weaknesses in the Portfolio and direct efforts to develop activities that will complement the Mentee’s interests. Examples typically include community service, research attachments, internships, essay competitions. We will search and brainstorm with the Mentee for areas that correspond to the Mentee’s interests. We will then advise in the conduct of the activity- such as drafting an enquiry email, drawing up a workflow plan etc.

For example, if a student is interested in neurology. We would advise her to write to the Alzheimer association to do volunteer work and write to NNI for a research attachment.

We do not organise the activities for the Mentee as this defeats the purpose of making Candidates motivated to push for their goals. Such candidates without passion typically fail in the interviews.

Do you offer ad-hoc classes?

Yes, apart from the program packages, we provide ad-hoc classes that are customisable depending on the needs of the mentees (see brochure). Hourly rates are $300-500/h for entry tests, interview practice and personal statement sessions. We recommend a minimal commitment of 10 hours as 1-2 hour sessions are limited in utility.

At what age can my child enrol for the programme?

Your child may join our Headstart Mentoring program at any age. We typically start at age 15 and above. For ages 15 and below, you may join our Early Years Guidance program.

Do you offer hybrid programmes for Medicine and Law, for instance?

Yes, for mentees who are undecided on the course of study initially. We recommend having different course mentors during the Admissions Mentoring program.

For example, if the mentee is interested in medicine versus natural science, we will get a medicine mentor and a natural science mentor. After the Admissions Mentoring program, the mentee will typically decide which course to apply for in the Personal Statement program.

For mentees who come in later with less than 6 months left to the applications deadline, we will customise a hybrid package that will include meetings with mentors from various courses of study that the student is potentially interested in.

If I target American and Singapore Universities, do I have to take Singapore and American programs respectively?

We would recommend that you take the US Admission Essays and Entrance Tests Preparation programs after the Admissions Mentoring program. For Singapore, we can customise another Admission Essays package at a discount if the subjects to be applied are similar. The costs are because each country has a different mentor team. Limiting to one or two mentors is possible but not advisable.

What is the duration of the Admission Essays Mentoring programme?

The Admission Essays mentoring program consists of at least 12 sessions of 1.5hours each with the mentee and at least 10 backend edit sessions. This is spaced out in the 6 months before university application. This is along with additional backend hours from the primary mentors, writing, portfolio and university research mentors. Admission Essays/Personal statement brainstorming, guidance, revision, admission statistics analysis, reading list analysis, Pre-submission checks will be covered. The student will also have unlimited time via Whatsapp and email to the mentors, such that they will get monthly inputs from the mentors. The end date of service will be till the final year of study once the sessions finish. The Admission Essays program is normally concurrent with our Entrance Tests and Academic Interview mentoring programs.

What is your track record and past student profiles? What is the feedback from parents?

Our past student profiles can be found on our website. All of our experienced mentors are alumni of top universities with their own successful professional careers. They commit to this mentoring due to their passion for education. We also have an industry leading record of Oxbridge admissions success of over 90% each year. The feedback we obtain from parents is that our mentors prepare their children for success in life, beyond just grades.

Last year alone, QC guided 23 applicants to Oxbridge colleges and 16 to Ivy League schools for competitive courses like Law, Medicine, Economics, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science. More than a source of consulting services, QC encompasses a highly regarded brand of education designed to promote lifelong success and character development.

How often will you meet with your mentors face-to-face or virtually?

It will be a mix of face to face and virtual, depending on the mentor’s availability (as some mentors are based overseas for work). The student will also have unlimited time via Whatsapp and email to the mentors, such that they will get monthly inputs from the mentors. The end date of service will be till the final year of study once the sessions finish. Rest assured, we are professional and committed to mentoring your child well


With decades of cumulative mentoring experience, our professional university mentors offer applicants a critical assessment of their university application, providing them with insights on how they can improve and achieve the height of their potential.

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What services will I receive and in what form?

The services will be according to the objectives in the attached invoice. There will be a personalised Google Drive of resources for your child as well. Our programs are comprehensive with a customised detailed workflow timeline that is released only upon payment and confirmation of mentors’ schedules. Your child can also contact the mentors on our Whatsapp mentor group any time.

Do you guarantee or promise entry to any universities?

No, we do not. Quintessential Consultancy provides professional mentorship and preparation for university applications. We do not guarantee college placement or acceptance as all college admission decisions are made solely by the educational institution.The company is not liable for any misrepresentation made by the student with regards to his academic and non-academic achievements.

What does successful applications depend on?

Successful entry for your child will depend on non-academic and academic achievements, a well crafted personal statement, good entrance tests scores and interview scores for his or her desired course. Our hallmark Admissions Mentoring program seeks to holistically cultivate academic and non-academic achievements and habits.

The Syllabus can be found in our brochure.

What countries and universities does QC specialise in?

QC specialises in US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia applications. We have a very strong track record with our sub-specialisation in Oxbridge and Ivy League universities, particularly for Medicine and Law. We are well known for providing one-stop holistic and comprehensive mentoring for the pre-interview examinations, interviews and specialised tests as well as tutoring for IB/IGCSE and A levels.

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London (UCL)
  • King’s College London
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • London South Bank University (LSB)
  • The University of Edinburgh

and the top UCAS universities.

  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • Yale University
  • Brown University
  • Duke University
  • New York University (NYU)
  • Columbia University
  • University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
  • University of Chicago (UChicago)
  • University of Michigan (UMichigan)
  • Washington University

and many more Ivy League and non-Ivy top colleges.

  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Singapore Management University (SMU)
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)
  • The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
  • City University of Hong Kong (CityU)

How do I sign up/enquire?

If you would be interested, we can follow up with an explanatory call or meeting. Please email us at enquiries@qeducation.sg. Do help us to fill up our mentorship assessment form so that we may better understand and prepare you better!

Please refer to our brochure for more details.

Do you help repeat students?

Yes, QC does. In these cases, we will need to explore and usually recommend retaking A levels/IBs or taking alternative tests such as AP and SATs, which we also provide preparation for. We use only experienced senior tutors, who are often IB examiners, existing HODs or alumni with perfect IB scores.

What are examples of entrance tests?

Examples include SAT, ACT, LNAT, TSA, UCAT, BMAT, ENGAA, NSAA and more.

For example, LNAT or Cambridge Law Test is required for UK law. BMAT and UCAT is required for UK medicine. For Engineering, the Engineering Admissions Assessment(ENGAA) is needed for application to Cambridge. Our experienced mentors have scored extremely well in these tests and we can offer individual theory and practice classes for all these.


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UK University Consulting Programme

  • Headstart Mentoring
  • Personal Statement Mentoring
  • Entrance Test Preparation
  • Admission Interview Mentoring

US University Consulting Programme

  • Headstart Mentoring
  • Common App Preparation
  • Entrance Test Preparation