For most parents, the mention of consultancy services always brings up these thoughts:

  1. It is going to be costly

Our response: Do think long term. The certificate is a badge you wear for a lifetime, and your passport to a well-paying job that will pay you back more than a hundredfold of your investment now. The network of friends you build in college will eventually become an invaluable asset in life. 

  1. I can google for the information or rely on advice from my friends/seniors

Our response: There is too much opinion/information to determine what is even reliable or actually works. COLLEGE APPLICATIONS ARE TOUGH. It is best to enlist help from trusted and proven professionals who have a winning formula.

– For most students, getting through your exams is hard enough, let alone worrying about which college to apply for, which course and how to apply.

Without the relevant life experiences, coupled with the stress of studying for exams, many students apply for universities without

  1. Understanding what college admissions officers are looking for
  2. Giving thought to what kind of university experience they desire
  3. Giving thought to their career aspirations
  4. Seeing that academics alone will not get one into his/her dream college.
  5. And that it is the entire body of work, demonstrated in theresume, personal statement and interviews that will set one apart from other aspirants with equally stellar academic results.


Top CEOs, scientists, bankers, lawyers and doctors often come from prestigious universities. It is imperative in today’s competitive and globalised world to have exposure to and understanding of different cultures, brilliant analytical skills, big-picture perspective on global issues, and deep specialisation. Steeped in history, at the forefront of the technological and intellectual frontier, the top universities in the UK and US will give you the invaluable life experiences that will prepare you for a career in the 21stcentury.

The top 20% of the world controls 80% of global wealth. Unless you are blessed at birth, education and hard work are the only differentiating factors that can get you into the top echelons. As aspirants to the top universities, you only have ONE opportunity to get in.Like education itself, you should see this preparation for the college admission process as an investment, one that is crucial to a better future. Based on our experience, students are understandably more worried about their immediate tasks like exam preparation, or simply unable to deal with the complexity of concurrent applications to different universities in the UK, US, Singapore and other countries. As a result, many students do not dedicate enough  to their university applications, and fail to secure places in their dream universities.

It is important to recognize how proper college application preparations can actually go a long way in your application process. Do contact us for a complimentary consultation  now.

-Attached is the statistics of recent college admissions data