Personalized Coaching

Every student will be offered a package of services that is specifically tailored to meet his academic needs and college aspirations. These services include, but are not limited to:

1. Onboarding Interview

  • A Principal consultant and his associate will conduct a comprehensive interview of the student client to understand his/her goals, personality, strengths and weaknesses, personal interests, and key life experiences.
  • The interview will be recorded for the purpose of conducting further reviews and analyses

2. Analysis of Student Profile/Application Plan Conceptualization

  • A team of dedicated consultants will study the student’s data and follow up with additional consultations.
  • This is a team comprised of experienced multi-disciplinary professionals. It consists of  the principal consultant who usually holds a Masters degrees from a prestigious university (e.g: Oxford and Yale) with industry experience, a professional editor (from Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal), a public speaking expert (trained over 1500 individuals, Toastmasters expert) and many other consultants under our retainment (called upon when necessary).
  • An assessment of the student’s overall strengths and weaknesses will be conducted, and the probability of successful entry to desired colleges.

3. Conceptualisation of Application Strategy

  • A personalized application strategy will be developed based on the student’s unique profile and key strengths.
  • A roadmap will also be created to guide the student towards completing applications and rounds of reviews by our expert consultants on time.

4. Construct College List/Resume Advice

  • Under the principal consultant’s supervision our expert team will construct a list of potential colleges for the client to apply to.- The list will comprise of schools broken down into the following 3 categories – “Dream”, “Reach” and “Safety” schools.- This will include in-depth and honest discussions with the client in order to align expectations.- Depending on the timeframe to application, the consultants may also make suggestions for the student to undertake particular projects or activities to enhance his resume. These projects may be provided by QC as an additional service
  • At QC, we believe that every individual has a unique story to tell. The principal consultant and associate will guide the student on formulating essay ideas which reflect the student’s unique characteristics, strengths and life experiences.
  • The essays (UK: UCAS personal statement; US: Common Application and college-specific supplementary essays) will undergo rounds of rigorous editing before the finalization of the application.

5. Complete application

  • The principal consultant and his associate will proceed to advise the student on the application process itself, according to timelines drawn up in the roadmap.
  • The consultants will create customized application documents to highlight the student’s key strengths and achievements.
  • The finalized documents will be approved by the principal consultant as well as by the client.

6. Submission of application

  • Submit application forms to colleges on time and confirm their submission
  • Maintain relationship with applied colleges
  • Maximise the student’s chance of acceptance when placed on wait-list through regular communications with colleges
  • Aid student in final choice of college when accepted by more than one colleges

This is just a summary of the general services provided. Every student’s application differs in complexity given the choice of US vs UK, the type of universities applied to, and the amount of work needed for each application. As such the costs will vary from student to student.

We offer a general consulting package at lower cost. However, we also offer an enhanced Platinum Package with a money back guarantee if the student does not get into his top 5 university choices. The student must meet specific criteria in terms of grade requirements and extracurricular activities.

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