Get an Early Start on Your Thousand-Mile Journey

Successful admissions to competitive schools require preparations from early years. Between 13-17 years old, students should start building up their portfolio based on their interests. QC’s headstart programme provides early exposure to the applications process, specialised tests/interviews, academic prep and non-academic guidance for an outstanding portfolio. This includes external competitions, essays, community involvement projects, research and volunteering.

Headstart mentoring helps students explore university and career paths, build up portfolios, and forge lasting friendships with overachieving mentors. Each QC mentor is a graduate of a top university, has broad experience working with a diverse group of students, and a winning record of admissions success. This is crucial especially for students who would like to apply to universities such as Oxbridge, where strong preparation is key. More importantly, early mentoring sets the foundation for a competitive head-start that widens one’s social network, provides exposure to opportunities, and imparts skills for future careers.


To devise a professional application strategy

To brainstorm, plan, and edit the Personal Statement for final submission

To provide college analysis on admissions statistics and candidate profile

To provide advisory on Portfolio and Resume preparation


Candidate Profiling & Orientation of the Application Process

  • Psychometric Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test
  • Holistic development survey (acertain weaker areas that require further development in portfolio)
  • Orient students to the requirements for desired universities and countries


Career Research, University Experience Sharing & Research

  • Mentors will provide insights on universities of interest (student life, costs, course requirements, school merits)

  • Explore possible career paths from the desired course

  • Mentor will share their own current career experiences


Reading List, Master Class Review & Key Topics Discussion (I)

  • Mentors will suggest a recommended reading list derived from experience of mentors

  • Discussion on key topics likely to come out for tests and interviews

  • Masterclass reading materials on important life skills such as negotiation, leadership & entrepreneurship


Shape the Personal Statement, Master Application Strategy,
& Establish Targets

  • Set targets for the portfolio, grades and an overall strategy for the university application

  • Ensures mentees have ample time to shape their portfolio to encompass their individuality


Early Exposure & Practice Essay Writing Skills Required for Personal Statement

  • Exposure to strong writing skills and model essays
  • Practice useful essay structuring concepts and brainstorming for content


Early Exposure to Critical Thinking Skills Required for Course Specialised Tests

  • Exposure to specialised tests and interviews questions
  • In-depth preparation for the SATs and ACTs


Early Exposure & Practice for Interviews

  • Gives students practice interview questions
  • Mock interview format and video recording to replicate a realistic mock interview experience
  • Feedback on body language, attire and rehearsal of model answers


Shortlisting Colleges for Final Application

  • Mentors will review mentee’s progress and take into account the likelihood of success, the desired courses and student life

  • Shortlist and finalise universities for final application


Reading List, Master Class Review & Key Topics Discussion (II)

  • Recaps previous discussions of key topics
  • Expands on new knowledge in the areas of life-skills and subject specialisation


The Headstart Mentoring package provides mentees a detailed roadmap for a successful application. The programme consists of fourteen (14) tasks and has the following objectives.


Read and learn more about why our proprietary headstart mentoring package can significantly improve your chances of successfully applying into the university of your dreams.

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Early Exposure & Practice Essay Writing Skills Required for Personal Statement (II)

  • Refine the central theme and improve the content of the Personal statement
  • Further enhance skills learnt and provides further Personal statement practices


Early Exposure to Skills Required for Course Specialised Tests & Interviews (II)

  • Review techniques required for the specialised tests and university application interviews.
  • Receive further practices to hone the mastery of their skills.


Extensive look at the Interview Framework, Mock Interviews, & Tips

  • Taster mock full format interview practice
  • Explanation of marking schemes
  • Review of body language and interview tips


Personal Statement Brainstorming & Draft

  • Brainstorm the content necessary for a first draft of the Personal statement
  • Sample essays will be provided so that the mentees knows the standards required


Feedback & Summary Session with Milestone Checks

  • Final feedback and summary check of all milestones (Personal Statements, Interviews, and Entrance Test Prep)


Quintessential was proudly featured in various national media like The Straits Times, Channel 5, SPH Radio, Kiss92FM, and more.


Embark on your journey of success with QC. Develop an individualised admission roadmap with your personal team of Oxbridge advisors and prepare for one of the most important applications of your life.

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Essay help provided by Quintessential was useful in helping me to structure my personal statement. Even though I already knew what a statement should look like, QC helped me to find the right balance and flow in writing, to better convey my ideas across, and to express my personality more clearly. Overall programme was great. It not only provided help with my application but helped me to find out more about the schools I was applying to in depth- school culture, specific tutors, degree programmes and so on. QC helped me to plan and shape a portfolio that was suitable and appealing to the admissions officers as well.


University of Cambridge, Law

At QC, I learnt to construct my ideas in a logical and organised manner. The insightful decisions also allowed me to strengthen my portfolio substantially before application. Discussions and learnings from supplementary readings allowed me to expound on my premises to develop persuasive and coherent arguments. I enjoyed the process as it enhanced my writing skills and motivated me to explore new economic concepts. The programme was well organised and managed by Quintessential Consultancy. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will certainly recommend it to others.


University of Oxford, Economics & Management