Portfolio Building Programme

Building a robust and compelling portfolio is essential in the competitive university admissions process. Our portfolio building courses are designed to highlight your strengths, passions, and achievements through participations in Academic Reserach, Olympiads, Essay Competitions, and various Passion Projects.

Programme Objectives

The Portfolio Building Programme consists of the following objectives.

Academic Research: Assist with research, methodology, data analysis, and publication.

Olympiads: Provide support for various Olympiads through personalised coaching and rigorous preparation.

Essay Competitions: Provide support for academic competitions to demonstrate your intellectual curiosity and aptitude.

Passion Projects: Develop unique projects that showcase your interests, creativity, and leadership skills.

Programme Objectives

The Portfolio Building Programme consists of at least 6 sessions with 4 task objectives.

To help students develop skills in project planning and execution, evaluate project outcomes, and identify areas of improvement.

To provide students with opportunities to showcase their talents and accomplishments.

To encourage students to explore their interests and passions and turn them into meaningful projects and set future goals and plans and continue to develop their skills and interests.

To help students reflect on their project experiences and identify areas of growth.

Programme Details

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