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Comprehensive Academic Guidance


A team of mentors will be paired with the applicant, a Principal and Secondary Mentor, both of whom are from the applicant’s target school.


QC’s industry defining framework provides comprehensive coverage on the entire application process.


QC is a one-stop service providing a wide range of tuition service to supplement the academic journey from age 12-18.


QC guides a diverse range of applicants each year, ranging from valedictorians to the less academically inclined.

QC offers a 3 step mentoring programme to optimise each candidate’s chance of a successful application.

HeadStart Mentoring

(Ages 12-17)

Personal Statements Mentoring

(Ages 17-18) 

Specialised Tests and Interview Mentoring

(Ages 18+) 

Course Details

1. HeadStart Mentoring

The earliest opportunity of entry is ages 12-17 years of age, where students get a headstart from experienced mentors for preparing their curriculum vitae and portfolio. This is definitely a must in order to be impressive enough for the top Ivy League/Oxbridge universities. Students undergo intensive early career and university exposure, early orientation of application process; specialised tests/interviews needed and early non-academic guidance of crucial competitions and projects required for an outstanding portfolio.

2. Personal Statements Mentoring

The next opportunity of entry is at age 17, where students are in their junior year of high school. Students at this juncture would only have 12 to 18 months left before university application and time may be insufficient to shape their portfolio convincingly. Nonetheless, the QC will do our best to optimise the portfolio. The main focus of this stage would be to select the appropriate colleges with the best chances of successful entry conceptualise and finalise a convincing personal statement.

3. Specialised Tests and Interview Mentoring 

For certain students, they may have chosen to do the initial applications and personal statements by themselves. However, they may realise that the later specialised tests and interviews for Oxbridge and Ivy League are indeed herculean without expert guidance. Examples include LNAT, TSA, NSAA, MAT, BMAT and UKCAT. There are many subject specific tests. The main focus of this stage is to have our experienced experts guide our mentees safely towards a thorough preparation for the relevant tests and interviews with insider insights and customised curriculum.

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