America (Part I) : The Good.



There is a huge variety in the kinds of people you meet in the States. From East to West, North to South, all sorts of individuals with different values and belief systems. Honestly, the US feels like a continent made up of countries, instead of states. Each state has their own laws, their own politicians, their own personality, and they function almost independently from one another. Because of this, the different states tend to attract different types of people, and hence why each has their own characteristics.



No matter what sort of person you are, be it city or country, working or studying, there is somewhere in America for you. Take California for example, if you like wine, go to Napa Valley; if you enjoy wilderness, Yosemite is just a few hours drive away; if you love the city life with beautiful weather and access to beaches, Los Angeles is the place for you; if you want to go somewhere rich in culture and open to all sorts, San Francisco is a lovely place to be. Expand this scope to the entirety of the States? You have New York, probably the busiest metropolis on the planet, St. Louis for that neighbourhood suburb feel, Atlanta to get your fill of wonderful country music, Boston for the breathtaking architecture. Whatever your taste may be, you can decide where to go accordingly. And of course, since it is all considered domestic, you are able go just about anywhere with your student visa!



Ah shopping, my largest vice. In my opinion, is a godsend. Back when I was still studying in Berkeley I bought almost everything off Amazon. And with a yearly subscription to Amazon Prime (free for the first year if you’re a student!) that offered 2-day free shipping, I was receiving packages to no end. Everything from chia seeds to toilet paper, furniture to high-heeled boots, Halloween costumes to makeup organizers, all paid for and delivered conveniently to my doorstep. Gone were the days of walking 10 minutes to the nearby Target only to stand in the makeup aisle for hours trying to decide which mascara to buy. Instead, I got to cut down on time by reading reviews and within the comforts of my bed. In every apartment I moved into, I was known as the ‘package girl’. Boy do I miss those days… Furthermore, now in certain states, Amazon even offers within 2-hours delivery! Oh what time it is to be alive.



As you could probably gather from above, living in the States can be very convenient. You can get just about anything delivered to your door at almost all hours, even alcohol and groceries. Of course while the more remote areas may not enjoy such luxury, there is a general effort in Big America’s part to make the lives of their consumers easier. Moreover, since Silicon Valley, the home ground of most start-ups, is in the US, you will also get access to a variety of very useful and fun apps.


All in all, there are many pros to living in the America, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. But where there is good, there will also be cons. Watch out for Part 2 of this instalment, The Bad.