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Quintessential Consultancy is Singapore’s leading bespoke university application consultancy with a strong record of >75% admission into Ivy League universities and the top 50 US Universities for all international students. Our alumni include students from Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok and Jakarta etc.


Unlike other agencies which may charge exorbitantly or not have actual Ivy league mentors, Quintessential Consultancy prides itself on having an extensive network of alumni and professionals that mentor expertly and give adequate pre test preparations for all deserving candidates (even if they do not have money). Using “insider knowledge” and past consulting experiences, we are able to accurately estimate every candidate chances accurately and point out safety schools. Bear in mind, admissions to some of the top universities are only <5%


Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Princeton, Caltech etc. We believe dreams are worth striving for!


Consulting Fees


  Price Includes  
1 University 3500 Common napps, Supplementary essays, waitlist and interview help  
3 University 5500 Additional schools for safety matching  
5 University 7000 Additional schools for safety matching  
8 University 8888 Additional schools for safety matching  


Given that each extra university application requires essays writing of approximately 100 man hours, university application packages are of high value for Quintessential’s professional writes and Ivy League Alumni.



Consult Methodology


There are 3 stages to Quintessential’s university application strategy.


Step 1: Pre-Application


Pre Application is the essential key step. A good CV and grades does not appear overnight, In fact 50% of our candidates sign up with us 1-2 years in advance.


What we need to do at this stage is to optimize your strengths and work on weaknesses, be it academic or extracurricular.



  • Assessment of Academics, Personality and Extracurricular Achievements

(Sports and Non-sports)- Strengths and weaknesses


  • Goals Setting and Career Counseling:

Desired dream career and university discussion- How to gear towards them


A professional university mentor will go through your grades, CVs, personality assessments to determine how strong a candidate you are. We will also undergo career counselling.


This is an important step many other consultancies miss out. We believe it is pointless to apply for a university course without the conviction and belief that you truly want the course.



  • Course of Action and Remediation

(SAT remedial, writing courses, recommendation letters preparation)


After the analysis, we need to quickly act on the weaknesses and shortcomings of each candidate as the time left is very short. This includes preparations for the necessary specialized tests  SAT I/II and ACTs which are often not covered in their preparations for their usual senior high subjects.


Recommendation letters are extremely important because universities are often looking for teachers who say candidates are top of their cohort. Students are often woefully not aware and do not spend adequate time preparing their teachers and sharing their dreams with them. Quintessential will help facilitate writing an excellent recommendation letter.


Step 2: Application


After preparing the groundwork, the next big hurdle is optimizing and revising the applications essays. A well-crafted impressive essay will nail the admissions for sure. For US, you will have multiple essays for each university you apply for. These include


  1. Common Apps essays

(Brainstorm, Storyboard, Crafting, Refinement)


This will often include a personal narrative and additional info essay. It can often be challenging if one is unsure of what subject to study or if your CV is lackluster. Quintessential’s track record winning team of backend writers, mentors and professionals will work one and one intensively with the mentee to identify a voice in terms of essay theme, narrative. It has to be compelling enough for the admissions people to want to meet you. We will literally go through hundred of hours of brainstorming, coming up with a storyboard, crafting possible themes and refinements. This will save a lot of time for the candidate.


  1. University Supplementary Essays

(Learning about the school, sharing about your life experiences)

Supplementary Essays often require students to know in-depth about the school and course that they are applying, to test the preparations of the candidate. The Quintessential track record winning team will again provide the in-depth insider knowledge from our alumni and university mentors. This saves an incredible amount of time for the candidates.


Step 3: After Application

(Scholarships, Waitlisting, Alumni Interviews, Evaluation of choices )


Apart from the university application, there are many things which require follow-up, which candidates may not be aware of.


  1. Scholarship

(private, public, deadlines, financial aids)

Going to a dream university overseas will be expensive and often candidates may need to explore financial aid applications. Quintessential believes in equal access to good education and will help with that. We have scholars (both public and privately funded) who come back to mentor our students.


  1. Alumni Interviews

What is often not known is that certain Ivy league universities routinely have alumni in the region interviewing potential candidates. These interviews do count towards the scoring of the candidates. Quintessential knows quite a few of these interviewers and we routinely adequately prepare our mentees for these interviews. Expect holistic interview preps.


  1. Wait-listing and evaluation of choices

All is not lost even if you are not accepted in the first try. An estimated 1% of a university application are waitlisted applicants. What candidates often do not know is how to optimize the waitlisting process (wait listing letters and appeals). Quintessential has successfully helped candidates in get into Ivy league universities like Brown and Columbia for example.




Consulting Features




Expert team mentors and professionals, power backend writers


It takes a whole team and many hours to negotiate admissions to the top universities in US and UK. Doing something so important alone can be very daunting and risky. It is important to choose the best team with a sterling track record.


Quintessential Education


>50% success rate to Oxbridge

 >40% success rate with the top 25 US Universities


There are at least 9 people in a team that is attached to one applicant. Junior, senior mentors, professional writers, SAT tutors, various professionals and universities alumni, interview experts and admins.


One-one attention


Many centres and even schools do not have much time to spend on their students. A high school survey found out that the average college counsellor has only 20-50 minutes for each student, even for local JCs and international schools. Many education centres also tend to do mass market seminars and group consulting, which does not give enough depth to give candidates a good chance of success.


Database of University admissions


To formulate the best plan of action for various top universities, Quintessential offers complete access of university and college-specific guides. This precious resource are garnered from our previous successful applicants, alumni and mentors and is an edge many of our competitors do not have. We are able to inform mentees on college specific strength, weaknesses, culture, faculty preferences, clubs and social opportunities.



Hans K. Admitted to Columbia University, Cornell, NYU Stern, Emory, Imperial, St. Andrews

United World College

“Growing up in Korea, my main obstacle was the language barrier. English is my second language and I had difficulty penning thoughts fluently to showcase my competencies to various colleges. I felt that I lacked capabilities or distinct skills that set me apart from other candidates. At our sessions, Leon was focused in defining the essay “me” and how my background shaped my thoughts and abilities. Without his guidance and direction, I would not have been able to do it. Thank you.”