Why Us

‘Quintessence means the perfect embodiment of a class or quality. We aim to be the quintessence of academic excellence, and aspire our students to be all rounded quintessential men and women.’. We look to mould the quintessential men and women of tomorrow. We aim to streamline and assist our students in their pursuits, so that they can fulfill their aspirations and concentrate in bringing out the best in themselves in the race of life, instead of dealing with the hurdles and thorns.

  1. At Quintessential Consulting, we have a reliable and proven methodology. Our rigorous in-house college applications formula will equip you with the knowledge, essay writing skills, resume-building techniques, interview skills, and overall personal development that you need to get into the universities/courses that you desire. We do not leave things to chance 2. This is only possible because we have a team of elite consultants from the best universities such as Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, UC Berkeley, MIT and Stanford. They are currently working in research editing, finance, medicine, law, government bodies and can provide important advice beyond managing the admissions process. We love what we do, and will share invaluable insights on what life is like in the top colleges, what are the differences between studies in the UK vs. the US, how to navigate the difficulties of cultural differences/living apart from family, how to think about your career and secure a desired job post-graduation.
  2. The best colleges seek for a well-rounded class of talented applicants. We offer value in preparing a professionally crafted personal statement, college essays, activity sheets, counselor recommendations, college interview preparations, and follow-up correspondences to secure an application that stands out from other applicants.The combined knowledge and expertise we provide is what makes us a premier consultancy.
4. At Quintessential Consultancy, we work it right. If you’re having many extracurricular activities but none of them seem to be unique, we’ll help you find the cutting edge so that you can stand out from the rest. If you have gone on many service trips but cant seem to find anything to write on it, we’ll tell you what is so special that should be highlighted in your application. College applications should never be left to chance, we will tell you what exactly makes the mark.

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