The secrets to a successful college application

“Success is a standard that lowers itself to no one. You raise yourself to its level” -Quintessential Consultancy

Fact 1:

The training of the leaders of tomorrow starts early. An average human utilizes less than half the brain’s capability. While talent can give you a head-start, more than 60% of your adaptability in the face of adversity, ability to think logically and leadership qualities come from your education and training. The pursuit of personal growth is key to future success.

Fact 2:

Early preparation for college admissions will give you an invaluable advantage in a globalized and increasingly competitive world. It is increasingly difficult to enter an Ivy League University (or an equivalent prestigious university in the UK/US) with acceptance rates falling to as low as 5%.

Fact 3:

You CAN prepare for your college apps and ace them. The holistic preparation that you will get at QConsultancy will be a priceless investment that will give you returns beyond getting into your desired college.

Fact 4: 

We give you only the best. All our consultants hail from the Yale, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Oxford, Cambridge, amongst others. In essence; been there, done that. Most have precious experience in professions such as Finance, Medicine, Law and Engineering. Most importantly, they enjoy working with young people and sharing what they have learnt as mentors and friends.

Fact 5:

Most of all, at Quintessential Consultancy, we have the expertise and commitment to help our students. With great talent, comes great responsibility. Our ambition at QConsultancy is to mould the leaders of tomorrow; to make a positive impact on society.

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Quintessential Consultancy is Singapore’s leading provider of educational advisory. Our core service is the provision of university/college application guidance by a panel of distinguished professionals. We also cater for SAT/TOEFL and standardized test prepartion. The consultancy is founded with the goal to help each student maximize his/her chances of a successful application – through services centred on a strong personal development and a competent,well-rounded portfolio. We work on the motto that each student can find an appropriate university where he/she can be successful in both academic and off-study areas, and we make a commitment to perfect the application process


College Application workshops and personal coaching

Our panel of consultants comprises a host of specialized experts that include top ivy league alumnis, lawyers, research editors, doctors, engineers and more. The value we offer is one that combines the insight and knowledge of an entire panel of diversified professionals to present a coherent, compelling application that will get students through the rigorous admissions process at the worlds’ best colleges.

Our consultants hail from universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, MIT, Duke, Imperial, Stanford, Berkeley, Tokyo University. They have invaluable insights to share and have experience mentoring young adults through the application process. We hope this experience will benefit all students.

A successful application to Ivy league colleges and various top universities is NOT about an excellent academic transcript or a perfect SAT score. This is why tons of academically excellent students get rejected by top colleges yearly. A good application centers on a unique personal statement that weaves a compelling and convincing narrative of a talented candidate. It is about moving and special writings that shed insight on the applicant as a person. It is about having that experience organizing an meaningful service trip and overcoming adversities along the way. It is about having the right letters of recommendation from the right people. It is also about having a well-rounded portfolio that adds value to the college. There is so much more…A full workshop is the minimum to learn everything.